An Analysis of Wedding Insurance Claims

Let’s face it; no one ever really wants to think about insurance, especially as it relates to what is likely to be the most joyous day of your entire life.  But, wedding insurance is a growing industry, and there must be a reason for that.  Simply put, whether it’s your wedding, home, job, health or […]

How to Have a Great Wedding DJ

As I’ve previously alluded to on this blog, the music played at any party can either make or break the affair.  A party is simply not a party without a huge helping of great music, and hence your choice of the musical entertainment at the reception is one of many wedding planning decisions that should […]

What It Takes to Become a Wedding Planner

One of the ideas I’ve toyed with in the past is becoming a wedding planner.  For me, being mother of the bride was such a wonderful experience (each and every time) that I thought about parlaying this experience into becoming a professional wedding planner.  Of course, I never did anything beyond simply thinking about and […]

Tipping Etiquette for Weddings

I don’t know about you, but for me the rules around tipping etiquette have always been shrouded in complete and utter mystery.  I mean, yes I understand that a 15-20% tip is customary at restaurants (in the US at least), but I was never too clear on some of the other protocols.  So, I did […]

4 Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Videographer

I previously wrote about the reasons why you should strongly consider getting a wedding videographer, but many of you commented that this is more of a luxury option that simply won’t work with every bride’s wedding budget (especially given the average cost of a wedding these days).  As such, for today’s post I’ll be sharing […]

3 Tips to Avoid Shoddy Destination Wedding Planners

It goes without saying that getting married is a ton of work!  Now, if you are like most women, it probably makes sense to do the majority of the wedding planning and coordination tasks yourself.  However, destination weddings are a different animal, and most times it DOES make sense to hire a planner for this […]

4 Tips for Negotiating with Wedding Vendors

As I’ve written about previously, planning a wedding is no picnic.  There are many, many elements to coordinate, many of which involve one or more wedding vendors.  Because of this, negotiating is part of the process whether we like it or not.  Here are some tips to get the most out of your negotiations. First […]

4 Tips for Choosing a Great Live Band for Your Wedding

One of the most important parts of any wedding reception is the entertainment – after all, it is a party, right?  While many couples opt for a DJ, some prefer the eloquence of a live band.  However most people have no experience hiring a band, and as such couples often find out too late that […]

3 Tips for Selecting a Wedding Caterer

Obviously no wedding can be complete without an incredible feast, and as such picking a wedding caterer is extremely important.  Whether you have 50 guests or 500, the process of filtering through a bunch of wedding caterers to find the best possible one can be tricky.  What follows are some tips to help ease the process. […]

The Skinny on Wedding Albums

If you’re a bride-to-be or even the mother of the bride or grandmother of the bride, I’m sure you realize the inherent complexities involved with planning a wedding.  There are many, many things to consider, including the selection of your wedding album.  I know, I know – there are SO many wedding elements to account for […]