Beach Wedding Dresses & Clothing

For any beach wedding, less formal dress is expected – after all, you’re unlikely to want sand or seawater on your
Armani silk dress !Newly married, this bride and groom enjoy their first moments as a newly married couple


Although a beach wedding can be wonderfully fun and romantic , it can nevertheless present a few challenges regarding what to wear to a wedding that takes place on the beach.   You can take your cue from the style of the
wedding invitation, and whether it’s formal or casual, as this will set the tone for the wedding day.

The backdrop of the sun sparkling on the sea and sand is likely to make for some great photographs, and you’ll
want to wear beach wedding dresses that will allow you to look your best.

Whilst you can choose a less formal, more relaxed style of clothing, it’s still important to look smart and
elegant for beach weddings, so a simple dress in cooler fabrics such as linen or cotton, is likely to be both appropriate
and comfortable.

Simple A-line, cocktail or tea length wedding dresses are classic styles of beach wedding dresses, but any style of dress
that suits your figure and will look good on this formal, but fun occasion will be great.With a blue sky and palm trees, attending a beach wedding reception is likely to be a dreamy occasion

Remember to consider what might happen if a sea breeze picks up – will your gown stay in place, and will you
need a light wrap or bolero jacket to keep your shoulders warm?

You may wish to avoid high heels when attending beach weddings – simple elegant flat sandals are probably the order of the day.  There
are some beautiful styles and designs that will both look great and enable you to walk on the sand!

If the sun is likely to be hot or strong, you may wish to add a hat, and, of course, that invisible accessory
and friend, sun cream, to protect your skin.  A simple wide brimmed or floppy hat with a simple ribbon tied
round can look great for any beach wedding, without busting your budget.

Whatever your normal hairstyle, you won’t want to look windswept in the brides photo album.  So using some
styling products to add control, or hairspray, can help keep all wedding hairstyles looking great all day. 

Alternatively, you could plan to wear your hair up for the ceremony, and wear it down for the
reception.  Make sure you’ve got all the brushes, clips and combs you’ll need in your bag!

You may wish to pop some bottled water in your bag, in case it gets a little hot – always a possibility at beach weddings.

Appropriate formal wear for boys or men on such an occasion is likely to be comfortable linen trousers and a
shirt.  If weather is warm, a lighter color jacket would be expected. 

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