Special Occasion Plus Size Dresses

Love dressing up but can’t find any special occasion plus size dresses suitable to wear? For that special occasion, find something fabulous to dress up in

So many women have exactly that same problem, a closet full of clothes, but nothing that’s suitable for a special occasion.

For a one-off party, wedding, or similar special occasion you may want to consider buying a new outfit or dress.  Thankfully many stores for the fuller figure now stock special occasion plus size dresses or outfits that are suitable for more formal occasions.

The key is to work with styles that you already find work for you.  If you find that a short sleeve helps cover your shoulders and that a v-neck flatters your neckline and cleavage, don’t opt for a round neck sleeveless style.  

Pretty girl dresses up for promTake some time to look at the outfits and dresses that you feel most confident in – what do they have in common – is the style, the color, the length?

If you’re nervous of going shopping because you just don’t know what styles will suit you – take a friend along whose opinion you value to help.  It can be quite confusing trying on dozens of styles and trying to work out which is the best, and as such having a trusted second opinion is extremely valuable (you know the old saying: two heads are better than one!).

Of course, you can also take a photo of yourself in the fitting room mirror if you’ve got a smart phone and then review your top few outfits to see which one looks best – this can be quite helpful as we often fall in love with styles or fabrics which really don’t suit us best when looked at from afar.

Shopping online can also prove helpful – if you’re undecided between two or more styles of special occasion plus size dresses, you can order them both, try them on in the comfort of your own home and then return the items that you don’t want.  



  1. I am looking for suggestions for a pretty, easy outfit for the bride’s grandmother. The wedding is formal, at 5:30 in the evening, outside, in late May, in Florida. The grandmother is 90 and wheelchair bound. I was in hopes of finding a pretty caftan type of garment but am having no luck. Help!

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