Mother of the Bride Gowns & Formal Dresses

It takes time and effort shopping for mother of the bride gowns, but whether or not you’re used to wearing formal dresses, you can find something that’s perfectly suited to your style.Formal Dresses

With so many options for your outfit – from formal dresses to suits – there’s something to suit every style personality, size and shape.

The appropriate style of women’s clothing for the Big Day is usually set by wedding etiquette,;as well as what is usually worn for a particular occasion.

Attending a black tie or formal social occasion will usually mean that a cocktail dress or evening dresses are the appropriate attire.

Top Formal Dresses and Mother of the Bride Gowns

One of the latest looks on the catwalks is the simple gown, simply accentuated with wedding accessories such as belts, brooches and statement jewelry.

This also allows you to wear the same dress more than once, simply by accessorising it differently.  So, vintage clothing is IN, which means recycling gowns is not only economical, but ultimately stylish!

Some of the best fabrics for mother of the bride gowns are silks and satins, but fuller figured women should probably steer clear of velvet as it can look too heavy.   Great choices for plus sized wedding dresses are long gowns and two piece outfits that can really flatter.

Popular color choices are black and red, though for summer wear, white can look great.  However, the best colour is one that will look great on you and flatter your skin and hair tones.

There are some elegant taffeta short formal dresses for younger women, very cocktail party style – look out for the simple styles with fabulous accessories, for example bows or interesting back detail.

For more semi-formal occasions, choose simple smart dresses, with men wearing shirt and ties.

Black Tie & Tuxedo Looks for Men

For men, it’s often appropriate to wear a suit during the day and a tux for an evening event.  However, check the wedding invitation wording as it often gives an indication of what’s appropriate to wear.

Whilst choosing and wearing your tux may be straight forward, you’ll probably want to personalise it with your vest, cufflinks or perhaps a colored cravat or tie that ties in with the theme color of the wedding.

If you’re on a tight budget, goodwill thrift-shop stores are a good place to find inexpensive yet stylish vintage and contemporary high-end fashions and designer clothing.

Recommended Resources for Formal Dresses

Mother of the Groom Dresses – Evening and party outfits and styles. Another great place to also find mother of the bride gowns!



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