Grandmother of the Bride Outfits

This grandmother is wearing a simple suit for her outfit as a wedding guest
Every grandmother has a special place in the hearts of her grandchildren. And it’s right that she should take a special place in their wedding day.

Of course, finding perfect grandmother of the bride dresses or outfits can be top of the list once the wedding date is announced and invitation received.

If you prefer more formal styles, then you’ll probably want to consider matching wedding accessories such as hat, bag and gloves.

Buying An Outfit in the UK

Taking grandma shopping requires some forethought and planning – she’s unlikely to  want to spend hours walking around shopping, preferring old fashioned customer service and the old fashioned type of department store, rather than a cozy boutique.

Stores that are top of the list for shopping for older women, of all shapes and sizes, are Eastex, Jacques Vert, Country Casuals (now known as CC), Debenhams, House of Fraser and Phase Eight.

If it’s likely to be a particularly demanding day, why not enlist the services of a personal shopper who can pave the way and take some of the headache out of your day?

Look for designers or couture names such as Frank Usher, Ann Balon, Condici, Paule Vasseur and
Gina Smart.

Often those small family run shops that have been around for years can be great treasure troves for finding a great jacket and skirt to team together and create your outfit.

Shopping in the USA

For seniors in the US, it’s more acceptable to wear a pant suit for formal occasions.

If you already shop online, check out the special occasion section of your favorite store to see if there’s anything suitable, check their returns policy and then order.  If you’re not sure which size to order, then order both sizes, so you can try on and return the one that doesn’t fit.

City shopping can help if there’s no suitable store near you – plan a visit and where you want to shop.  If you can obtain the services of a personal shopper, all the better, as it will save you time and make the whole experience of shopping for grandmother of the bride dresses far less stressful.

Wedding Outfit Etiquette

Don’t forget those basic weddding etiquette rules for those in the bridal party – don’t plan to outshine the bride, it’s
her day!

Don’t wear red (too showy), white (the colour of the brides dress) or cream.

Happy shopping!

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  1. carolyn sears says:

    i would like a color and a site to buy my mothers dress she is the grandmother of the groom also i want a hat with the suit

  2. Joanne Voorhees says:

    Looking for feminine white suite with the twenties looking hat. Small matching suite with flower. Or feminine hugging sort of scull hat.

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  4. Help, does the grandmother of the bride wear a full length dress the same as the mother of the bride?

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