Mother of the Groom Dresses

Congratulations on the forthcoming wedding of your son! Now it’s time to weigh your options for mother of the groom dresses.

Mother of the Groom Dresses – What to wear?

However far ahead the wedding date is planned, you’ll want to start planning what style of dress or outfit you want to wear. This is one time when you can wear the most amazing, once-in-a-lifetime outfit, for a very special day.

However, you may find yourself trying on many mother of the groom dresses and wedding accessories, before you find the right style for you.  Allow yourself time for several shopping trips – taking a friend with you can help, as you’ll be trying on unfamiliar formal wear and dozens of dresses!

This is one time where you may not feel comfortable with online shopping – unless it’s from your favorite store, where you are confident of the fit and quality of the garments. mother of the groom dresses

There’s an increasing number of stores which specialise in formal clothing and wedding outfits – whether it’s as
part of a bridal store or a smaller boutiquet type store. Some even provide couture offerings.

You can either Google your area, ask around by word of mouth, or visit the women’s section of a nearby
department store.

When choosing your dress , consider how closely it fits, how much you can move around, especially if you’re
likely to want to dance at the reception or wedding party.

Wedding Etiquette for Mother of the Groom

It’s traditional for the mother of the groom to wear a formal outfit or dress. It’s also an opportunity for you to wear the most amazing hat, if you choose to, though for a formal wedding it may be expected.

It’s considered polite to find out what the mother of the bride is likely to be wearing to avoid color or outfit clashes. If you’ve already met the bride’s parents, this should be a simple phone call, or if not, maybe it’s time to meet up with them over a meal.

It’s considered etiquette to keep away from traditional bridal colors of white and cream, leaving all eyes focused on the bride for her special day.

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