Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

If you’re the grandmother or mother of the bride pant suits might be just the look you need for this special occasion.Pant Suits for Mother of the Bride Pant suits are stylish, flattering, and comfortable – 3 reasons why this style makes great sense for older women.

Some of the coordinated two piece outfits look as smart as any skirt and jacket, especially when teamed with a coordinating hat, top and elegant wedding shoes.

The fit of the pant suit is important, as many older women like to cover up their tummy, so ensure that you choose some that are high waisted.

Another tip to making the most of your figure, especially in terms of plus size fashion, is to choose boot cut or palazzo style mother of the bride pant suits, with a wider bottom at the ankle, which gives you shape and adds a few curves.

For petite dresses, go for styles that are all in one color as this will help to add some perceptual height to your frame. Thus, a matching jacket, top and pants with coordinating wedding accessories will help to add a little height.

Peach trousers & jacket

The fabric you choose is also important, soft flowing fabrics such as crepe de chine can feel and look fabulous. Try and avoid stiff fabrics that don’t move easily as you walk.

For an elegant look, team your outfit with sandals or court shoes; save the boots for a less formal occasion when you can wear your outfit again.

Mother of the bride pant suits are a particularly popular look for the grand mother of the bride, who is more able to wear this slightly less formal look.

Designer Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

One of the best designers for formal pant suits is Ursula of Switzerland, who offer a truly stylish pant suit collection in a range of colors, from pale shades to royal blue.

Do check out the latest spring designer fashion collections, for example, a recent collection by Robert Cavalli included a tuxedo inspired pant suit, so you could find something fabulous for such a special occasion.

These fashion trends and other ideas can easily be found online. You could also search for “designer pant suits” or “mother of the bride pant suits” via Google Image Search to get some fabulous ideas.

If pant suits are not your thing – then go for a great mother of the bride dress.


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