Mother of the Bride Shoes & Accessories

Accessorizing your wedding outfit – especially your wedding shoes and other wedding accessories – is essential for that photo-perfect look.These pretty bridal shoes would look lovely with any wedding gown

Whatever bridal shoes you choose – do make sure that this isn’t the first time you’ve worn them and that they will be comfortable.

Adding jewelry, bags, silk scarves, long evening gloves and other wedding accessories really helps to complete and finish off your outfit.

There are a number of online suppliers and shops where you can find a range of matching or toning accessories for brides, for example, try Henry Kaye online.

Perfect Wedding Shoes & Sandals

Your outfit can be made or ruined by your choice of footwear.

Pretty medium heel sandals in goldWearing simple, elegant wedding shoes or sandals with medium or high heels can make your legs look longer and flatter for just about every figure.

If your budget runs to it, buying matching or coordinating bridal shoes for your outfit is a really enjoyable luxury.

It’s possible for a special occasion to pick up some footwear in a manmade or synthetic fabric at really knock down prices. As long as you’re not planning on walking too far, this can be a good way to add a little something to an existing outfit.

Popular colors for occasions are black, cream, white, silver and gold – these will match or set off most of your wardrobe, so could be worn in the future for another special event.

However, whatever dress or outfit you’re planning to wear, you may well already have suitable wedding shoes that you can wear with it.

A great way to add a little glitz and glamour to any existing shoes for a unique style is to add shoe buckles or clips. It’s also a great way to customize jackets and clutch bags, for a different look for every occasion.

Adding Wedding Accessories to Your Outfit

For a classic look, pearl earrings and necklace are a timeless look of eleganceFinishing off your outfit isn’t something to leave to the last minute.

Picking the right wedding accessories can make you stand out from the crowd as well as turning a simple dress into something really stunning.

Don’t forget to check your wedding makeup to ensure you’ve got eye shadows, pencils and lipsticks in the right shades and colors.

About to run out of your favorite perfume or scent?  Shop and top yourself up.  A women who feels sexy and confident will probably be perceived in the same way by others!

We loved this review by Youtube’s “Modern and Mature” on her jewellery collection:-

Here’s a few wedding accessories to consider:-

watch – some women have a variety of watches for differing occasions.   However, if you only have an everyday style, why not pick up a cheap one with a little glitz from a market or on eBay for that special event?Simple black evening dress accessorised with spotted scarf

necklace – for a classic look wear silver, gold or pearls. For modern weddings, adding statement jewellery can be a way to really make the most of your outfit.

earrings – it’s not necessary to have matching necklace and earrings, though some women like to.  If you’re wearing your hair swept up or back, pay attention to how your earrings will look, and pick the right size and length.

scarves – a simple scarf can really change the look of your dress, bringing attention to your face and effectively creating a new outfit.  Team with a jacket for the perfect look for a spring or autumn wedding. Make sure the color scheme matches that of your bridal shoes.

gloves – not only can these look smart at a formal occasion, but for winter weddings they can help keep you warm too.  Add color coordinated gloves or simple long gloves for a real elegant touch to the most simple of dresses.

clutch or evening bag – every woman needs to have certain personal items with her at all times.  Most clutches now offer pockets for your mobile phone, as well as plenty of room for tissues, make up and toiletries.

Whilst you’re preparing for the event, consider what items you really can’t do without and make sure to take them with you.

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