Etiquette for Wedding Announcements

Following your engagement, you’ll want to set the wedding date and let friends, family and
colleagues know. These notifications are generally termed wedding announcements.Couple kissing after they've just been married

If you’re having a small wedding, where only close family are present, you may have friends or work
colleagues who weren’t invited, in which case you may wish to send them wedding announcements. It’s important to
let professional colleagues know of your exciting change in status and name.

One of the reasons for sending personal wedding announcement cards is to inform people of your marriage – and
it’s usual to send these cards either the day before the wedding or on the actual day itself. 

Cards shouldn’t be sent to all and sundry, just those you feel would want to know. You don’t
want acquaintances to feel like they should buy you a gift – you’re certainly not expecting wedding gifts, though they may wish to
send them.

What you’re basically announcing to them is that you are now married!

If you’re not sure what to say, it’s traditional to word your wedding announcements similarly to the wedding invitations.


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