Who Pays For What?

Wondering who pays for what for a wedding?  What do parents traditionally pay for and what’s paid for by
the bride & groom?Wedding Money - working out who pays for what can help prevent misunderstandings between parents, and the bride and groom later

These days there are no real rules on who pays for what. 
Old school wedding traditions say that the bride’s family paid for much of the wedding.  However, with rising costs, couples often opt
to pay more toward their wedding day, to ensure that they have the day they’ve dreamed of.

It will also depend on your parents circumstances – for example, whether they’re still together.

The free download below was created as a tool to help you work through these issues with both families. This can also be a helpful tool to allow you to budget for all the
necessities, which can add up as you approach the big day.

You can download your free who pays for what list below:-

Wedding - who pays for what ? 

You may download this report by clicking here 

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