How to Select Great Wedding Favors

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Wedding FavorsWhether you’re the bride, mother of the bride or even the grandmother of the bride or groom, there are many things to consider when planning a wedding.  One such consideration is the selection of the wedding favors, which represent a thank you from the bride and groom to all the guests.  Although this may seem like a relatively low priority in the grand scheme of things, it is important because your wedding guests will take these items home with them.  Thus, long after the wedding ends, each guest will still have his or her wedding favor.  So you really want your wedding favors to be classy and cute in order to foster a positive long term recollection of the ceremony.

Wedding favors can be decorative or functional, so that is the first decision point you want to grapple with.  In most cases, a decorative item will fit the bill.  Try and think of unique ideas that capture the interests of the bride and groom, the flavors of the season, or even something that is synergistic with your wedding theme if you have one.  Also, if the wedding favors will be on the guest tables, make sure their colors coordinate nicely with the table décor.   If this color coordination is not possible, you could instead combine the favors with the escort cards that let people know which table they are sitting at, or you could hand them out at the end of the reception.

There are many examples of cute wedding favor.  For example, if the bride and groom are musicians, the wedding favor could be a mini replica of a musical instrument with the happy couple’s names inscribed.  If you are both passionate about a particular charity, the wedding favor could encompass a donation to that charity in each guest’s name.  If you both like the beach, a small jewelry case encrusted with seashells might fit the bill.  If it’s a winter wedding, your favors could be personalized Christmas tree ornaments.  And on and on, really the only thing that can limit you here is your own creativity (well, and the wedding budget too).

Also keep in mind that many couples make their own wedding favors.  Not only will this save you money, but it truly demonstrates a high degree of personalization which your guests will definitely appreciate.  Things like homemade decorative cookies, mini flower vases, or hand decorated picture frames are usually crowd pleasers.  You could also buy some mini olive oil or champagne bottles and decorate them with ribbons, flowers, or something similar.

As you can see, creativity is the key when it comes to your wedding favors.  Just make them personal, classy, and appropriate for the happy couple or the season and you’ll do just fine.  And most important of all – have fun with it!

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