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Wedding Etiquette for the Stepmom

Today more and more families find themselves being blended, and truly, each family situation is unique. Stepfamily and blended family weddings can be anything from tearjerking to strange, and can be more dramatic than any soap opera the TV industry has ever seen. Stepfamily Relationships While some stepmoms are lucky enough to be part of […]

Beautiful Songs for Your Mother and Son Dance

The Mom and Groom Dance As wedding traditions continue to change, the wedding dance isn’t just all about the bride anymore. Today, more and more couples are deciding to give special recognition to mom on their wedding day by including a mother and son dance. This will be lasting memory of a very special day, both […]

Wedding Rules for Parents

Wedding etiquette for the couple’s parents used to be quite simple: the groom’s family paid for the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon, while the bride’s paid for the wedding and reception. Today, anything goes. Because couples seem to choose to get married a bit later in life, the brides and grooms are usually more independent and […]

Mother of the Groom Do’s and Dont’s

Over the past two or three decades, you were surely the best mother to your son, making him his favorite soup whenever he was sick, driving him to softball practice or soccer game, and listening to him the first time he had his heart broken. And being his mom doesn’t have to stop just because […]

Wedding Tips for the Stepmom

A wedding is both an exciting and stressful time – especially to blended and extended families. The Stepfamily’s Relationship Depending on the relationships – specifically between the biological mother and the stepmother – and the roles that they played over the years and in the wedding preparation, that needle on the stress meter may swoosh all […]

Stepmother of the Bride: What to Wear

Perhaps the role in weddings with the least resources available for research, and the most challenging to dress, is the stepmother of the bride (or groom). You certainly want to be in your gorgeous best, yet you’re trying to be more sensitive and not upstage the mom. So what do you do? What to Consider […]

Mother of the Bride vs Mother of the Groom: How Their Roles Differ

One of the biggest challenges mothers today face — other than finding that perfect dress and matching shoes for their children’s big day — is the changing times. Wedding trends vary and change year after year — and along with that the etiquette surrounding weddings, and people’s roles also change. Many moms are caught between […]

Wedding Etiquette: How to Handle Multiple Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Fun The bridal shower is a great way to help the bride celebrate this wonderful event in her life and help her transition into her new role.  Many brides think of the bridal shower as a real privilege given to them and look forward to celebrating with family and friends before the big day. […]

Hot trends in mother of the bride dresses

Think you have to be frumpy as the mother of the bride? Think again. While the traditional image of a mother of the bride outfit includes some combination of unflattering jacket, pants suit, and shoulder pads in a tepid beige, today’s mothers have a wealth of up-to-the-minute options to choose from. Here are some of […]

Things to bear in mind when looking for your mother of the groom dress

As the mother of the groom, you are privy to some important information and events. Not only does this include direct details about the upcoming wedding of your son, but it also includes the mother/groom dance. This is a time where everyone will see you dance with your son while sharing this special moment. Naturally, […]